Meditation & Breathwork

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Finding the Meditation Practice That Is Best For You

Intermediate understanding
Movement not required
Likely soothing
Meditation is about learning how to live peacefully with a quiet mind and an open heart. All the things you may have heard that can come from meditation - wisdom, peace, and calm – you can realize for yourself. There are many meditation practices to choose from. Though we have many things in common, we are all unique and so meditation unfolds differently for each of us. There is no single best technique or approach that is suitable for everyone. The most beneficial practice will be different for each of us. The foundations of any meditation practice are mindfulness, concentration, insight and a kind and loving heart. In this discussion we will examine these fundamental aspects of meditation: exploring what they are, ways they can be practiced together, and how to find the practices that will work best so you can actualize the fruits of meditation. Meditation supports us to respond wisely to life so we can be more fully present and less reactive with whatever happens. We can learn to move through all the ups and downs of life with balance and an inner sense of well-being.
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Meditation & Breathwork

This session is free to watch
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Richard Shankman

Guiding teacher for the Metta Dharma Foundation, co-founder of Mindful Schools and author of "The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation" and “The Experience of Samadhi”.