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Dr. Stephen Porges
Bonus 2-hour course with Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana, LCSW
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With 1000 great presenters at the conference spread over ten channels, it's tricky to find the learning that's most impactful for you.

Upgrading your account means you’ll get even more support in finding what you’ll love and time to digest it at your own pace.

At the same time you will help us make this event accessible to everyone for free

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Owning the library gives you the freedom to...

Customise your conference

Creating your ultimate line-up is simple. Shortlist your favourite sessions and build a diary personalised to your interests and tastes.

Study like a pro

Breathe new life into your professional development. Bookmark your favourite tools and benefit from a structured library of wisdom.

Replay and rejoice

Digest and practise in your own time. Listen to your favourite sessions again (and again), whenever and wherever you please.

What others say about owning the recordings

"The recordings allowed me to explore the topic of embodiment in my own time. I still refer to my favourite sessions today!"

Heidi Schnurr

"I’ve used the recordings to surf around for ideas, so they’ve served my 'just in time' learning needs and helped me discover new topics.”

Jim Smith

"The recordings meant I could go back to digest the information from less familiar subjects. There’s an encyclopedia of information to broaden my knowledge."

Jo di Francesco

What's included?


Lifetime access to sessions to watch as you please. Video and audio-only options.

Cheat notes

Notes on each session to highlight key takeaways and fast-track your learning.


Bookmark your favourite tools to jump back whenever you need them.

Learning lists

Bite-size lists to help structure and guide your learning.


Find new teachers and discover topics personalised to your tastes.

Embodiment on your terms.

Owning the library gives you the freedom to learn from wherever it suits you best.

At home. In the garden. On the subway. Walking. Cooking. In the bath with your pet dolphin. Wherever!

Some sessions will be labelled “audio-only” so you can listen to them like podcasts.

However you like to learn, owning the content gives you the flexibility to digest your favourite sessions in your own time.

100 talks will enhance your career, but 10 of them will change your life.

There's a lot of content available at the conference. But you don't have to navigate it alone.

Our carefully curated learning lists, advanced search filters, and personalised suggestions make it easy to find the sessions that'll make a difference for you.

Let’s find the learning you’ve been searching for, together.

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There are some amazing bonuses up for grabs when you get the library today. And they won’t be available once you close this page. Well they will, they’ll just cost you $606...

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Self-Care Weekend recordings (worth $150)
    A weekend-long conference to help you reconnect with yourself.

Trauma weekend recordings (worth $99)
    A weekend-long conference focussed specifically on trauma.

Pain weekend recordings (worth $99)
    A weekend-long conference focussed specifically on pain.

Ethical Marketing Webinar by Mark Walsh (worth $59)
    A 2.5-hour webinar helping you scale your impact on the world.

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Monthly peer groups

As well as a library of embodiment wisdom to digest, when you register today you can also join one of our focussed peer-groups.

Meeting once a month to share key takeaways as you work through each topic, your peer group helps you to learn and grow with others just like you!

A whole library of embodiment knowledge...

Classmates to learn and grow with…

Your embodiment “university” is now in session.

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Owning the library is for you if…

  • You want to be more connected to your body
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  • You’re serious about your personal and professional growth
  • You’re as big a geek for embodiment as we are
  • You prefer to digest the conference in your own time

This is not for you if...

  • You’re brand new to the field and only want to find out what embodiment is
  • You’re coming for just a few keynotes
  • You just want to watch some live sessions as a casual viewer
  • You have a guru and think there's only one true way in embodiment (really not our style)
  • You can’t invest $149 to upgrade right now

Not just for you.

When you own the library, we encourage you to send videos to help colleagues, friends and students. Any non-commercial sharing of the recordings is fine with us. We want this work to benefit the world!

People you can help with your purchase include:

  • - Your yoga/dance/whatever students (e.g. give them the trauma basics)
  • - Curious colleagues / family members
  • - Your therapy / choaching clients
  • - A friend who can’t afford the package themselves

We really want to make embodiment available to everyone, so feel free to share the love!

For group commercial use, please email us

Help change the world. One body at a time.

“Good for you, good for us, good for the world. That’s been our motto since the very beginning.

We want to make this stuff accessible to all. That’s why the conference is free. But don’t be fooled. This thing is not cheap to put on…

It costs just around £700k all in. So it’s a big deal to us.

We take a leap of faith every time we do this. We rely on our community to invest in their own learning and professional development, knowing they are contributing to the greater mission of the conference:

Making embodiment accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

It’s great for you because you can find and replay those life-changing sessions.

It’s great for us because we can relax our ass cheeks knowing the costs of the conference are covered.

And it’s great for the world because together, we’re helping make this stuff available to everyone.

We really believe embodiment can change the world. And with your help, we might just do that.”

Mark Walsh

Founder, The Embodiment Conference




For the enthusiasts.

Learn from the best known names in embodiment - all 75 presenters in the keynote channel.

  • Lifetime access to all keynotes (pictured below)
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For the specialists.

Choose your favourite channel and learn from the best in your field. Pick from yoga, trauma, dance (all choices above under “your learning options”).

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  • Lifetime access to all keynotes (75 pictured below)

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For professionals and super-geeks.

Lifetime access to the whole library. Broaden your all-round embodiment expertise and enhance your professional development.

  • Lifetime access to all keynotes (picture below)
  • Lifetime access to every channel (1000 presentations)
  • Includes all presenters extras

NOTE: Once the conference ends, you will not be able to re-watch any of the sessions with a free account.

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