The Self-Care Weekend

12th - 13th September 2020

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Have a look at this weekend’s schedule and take a peek at the first highlights of TEC2020.

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Don't miss these sessions on the embodiment conference | 14th - 25th October

Dr. Gabor Maté
Oct 15, 5 pm
David Berceli
Oct 20, 5 pm
Daria Halprin
Oct 15, 11 pm
Nkem Nfedo
Oct 23, 1 am


Throughout the conference, sessions run on 11 stages in parallel. Ten of them are topic-focused, the 11th is the main stage where you can watch all keynotes. Check out the different categories and get lifetime access to either one, or all of the channels when you upgrade your account.

Keynote channel

Where we come together as a community

Coaching & Therapy channel

How the body is relevant to change and growth modalities

Dance & Creativity channel

Dancers, writers, actors, poets are being creative with and through the body

Ecology & Research channel

Sustainability, green issues, and embodied ecology. Also scientific research

Intimacy & Relationships channel

Connection is a fundamental aspect of embodiment

Leadership & Business channel

Embodied leadership and ethical marketing for practitioners

Martial & Healing Arts channel

Embodiment and its relation to martial arts, and ways to regain and sustain health such as bodywork

Meditation & Breathwork channel

Body-based meditation, mindfulness and awareness practices

Movement & Anatomy channel

What makes movement embodied, healthy and fun

Trauma & Social Change channel

Healing our wounds and the world through the body

Yoga channel

Depth approaches to yoga, working with and through the body, not just on it