Richard Shankman

Guiding teacher for the Metta Dharma Foundation, co-founder of Mindful Schools and author of "The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation" and “The Experience of Samadhi”.
Richard Shankman has been a meditator since 1970 and teaches at dharma centers internationally. Richard is the guiding teacher of the Metta Dharma Foundation, and co-founder of the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies and of Mindful Schools. He has sat many silent, intensive meditation retreats for periods up to eleven months long. Richard has been active in bringing dharma and meditation practice into prisons, jails and drug rehabilitation programs in California. Richard is the author of “The Experience of Samadhi: An In-Depth Investigation of Buddhist Meditation"; and "The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation" Richard lives in Oakland, CA and holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and an MA degree in Philosophy and Religion, with an emphasis in Buddhist Studies.

Recorded Sessions