Meditation & Breathwork

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Whole-body pleasure and the foundations of Samadhi

Intermediate understanding
Movement not required
Likely soothing
The modern world of meditation has elevated Mindfulness and 'bare attention' whilst neglecting, sometimes dismissing, the deep inner resource of pleasure and happiness available to us in meditation. In this introduction to Samadhi (the spectrum of meditative wellbeing) and the Jhanas (states of deep meditative absorption) we'll be exploring the conditions which make these resources available. We'll then be dipping our toes in a guided meditation leading towards whole-body pleasure.
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Guided Practices

  • Samadhi guided meditation


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Meditation & Breathwork

This session is free to watch
Presented by

Laurence Galloway

Meditation teacher, Samadhi & Jhana enthusiast, Attendant to the late Rob Burbea, Embodied Facilitator, Stand-up story teller, Chicken Whisperer and Mystic