Jess Huon

Dharma teacher, artist
Jess Huon has been engaged in meditative and embodiment practices since the age of seventeen. An authorised dharma teacher, her lineage crosses the insight tradition, open dharma, and has been empowered by the tantric tradition. She has trained in Buddhist monastic settings, in inter-faith contexts, and within long periods of solitary forest practice. This training has taken place in India, Australia, Spain, and the USA. Jess is seen as a young female maverick, translating the dharma to meet the restless heart of modernity. She holds deep regard for feminine principles and the ground of the body. A natural orator, her talks have been described as “street language for the soul.” She holds a bachelor of Creative Arts (VCA), and a post-graduate degree in Therapeutic Arts practice (RMIT). She is a published author (The Dark Wet, Giramondo Publishing).

Recorded Sessions