Laurence Galloway

Meditation teacher, Samadhi & Jhana enthusiast, Attendant to the late Rob Burbea, Embodied Facilitator, Stand-up story teller, Chicken Whisperer and Mystic
Laurence began studying and practising meditation in 2004 following a spontaneous awakening experience. He lived in Tibetan and Zen meditation centres and Theravadan monasteries before meeting his teacher Rob Burbea in 2012, with whom he primarily studied Samadhi and the Jhanas along with Emptiness and the emerging Soul-making Dharma. Laurence became one of Rob's close attendants during the last years of his life, supporting Rob on his final two retreats before his death in May 2020. Laurence began teaching formally in 2020 and has a lifelong commitment to cultivating and sharing Rob Burbea's work. 

Recorded Sessions