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The Embodiment of Awareness: Presence and Use of Self

Intermediate understanding
Movement not required
Likely neutral
“Awareness is the atom and driver of change”
In our face paced world, it has become more relevant to use awareness skills to be adaptive, innovative and resilient. This session will offer practices and techniques to recognize the power and language of awareness embodiment. The ability to recognize and use multiple dimensions of awareness strengthen our choice about where to respond and influence others. Recognizing when we lose present focused awareness is the invitation to re-center into embodiment. While being in our presence reveals embodiment and connection to our mental, emotional and caring energies, -when we need to act on those awareness , we mobilize our presence to support action that is needed, wanted or missing. Working with awareness practices invites a form of compassionate and accepting energy that creates a receptive environment for creative, collaborative learning and change. Participants will leave this session with a tool for tracking awareness and a reflection practice to guide awareness management.
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Guided Practices

  • Focusing With Attention


  • Notice Own Needs & Wants


  • The Six Cycles - Self Reflection


  • Seven Questions Process


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Leadership & Business

This session is free to watch