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Raise Resilience Right Now With Mindfulness

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How Purpose, Pivoting, and Pacing Can Support our Professional and Personal Leadership
With change as the only constant in our lives, and dysfunctional behavior and burnout increasingly commonplace, we would be hard-pressed to identify what could play a more powerful role in leadership than resilience. Resilient leaders have the capacity to cope with and recover from adversity, setbacks, and disruptive changes. How does this work? Mindful awareness is key in sustaining our energy and that of our teams so that we can bounce back from the inevitable challenges that we all face. The starting point is mindfulness which provides a foundation for building resilience through the 3 Ps of Purpose, Pivoting and Pacing. Purpose arises out of what matters most to us and gives direction and meaning to our lives. Leading with our Purpose in mind can get us through our most discouraging days. Pivoting reminds us of our skills, resources and relationships which give us courage in meeting and making changes. Finally, Pacing provides a broader lens so we can more clearly see what our priorities are for a given time frame. Even a small change can bring impactful, sustainable benefits to our lives.
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Guided Practices

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Leadership & Business

This session is free to watch
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