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Beyond thinking, embodied solutions for busy people

Beginning or no understanding of topic, Open to all
Movement not required
Likely neutral
Get out of your head, another way to be intelligent and efficient. You know how sometimes it looks like the only way to get things done and make anything happen is to understand the right choice within all the options and push through the overwhelm and the doubts, only to realise the fun is gone, there is too much in our head, and we feel increasingly disconnected and tired... B.u.s.y, life-is-an-endless-to-do-list syndrome. The problem? Looks like a thinking overdose! The solution? Get out of our head! Easier done than said? Let's explore this together: * Is thinking that bad? (spoiler alert: It's not, but...) * How relying (almost) only on thinking is limiting your intelligence? * What other resources can you use? (hint: em-body-ment conference) * How to go from making things happen to allowing things to emerge? * How to use this as a coach/facilitator. * And of course, how to hug elephants. Sounds complicated? It's not! You are already embodied! It is not about practices. It is a way of being... from the inside out.
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Coaching & Therapy

This session is free to watch
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Claire Wild

Holistic transformational coach & teacher, Somatic movement facilitator, Shiatsu practitioner

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