Meditation & Breathwork

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Three Essential Meditations to Cultivate Conscious, Connected Families and Relationships

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Likely neutral
"As a parent do you ever worry about passing on negative or limiting behavioural patterns to your kids? Perhaps you feel stuck and lost who you really are? Or maybe you feel helpless to support your child’s emotional well-being, and you want to empower them with tools to face life's inevitable ups and downs? In this talk and experiential process you will learn more about these meditations and how they will support you and your kids to live a life of fulfillment, happiness and joy, regardless of circumstances. * Grow closer together as a family, and establish or strengthen healthy boundaries free from manipulation, guilt or power struggles. * Deepen your spiritual connection, inner calm, and self-acceptance so that you become more present and engaged with your family. * Better understand your reactionary emotions and how to meet your needs so that you create emotional stability for yourself and for your children regardless of age. Join me to discover these powerful processes for developing the patience, presence and tools needed to raise confident kids that express who they are as unique individuals. As a parent, this is your opportunity to feel filled up from the inside, reclaim who you truly are and experience greater balance and ease.
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Guided Practices

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Meditation & Breathwork

This session is free to watch
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Keli Carpenter

Chopra Meditation Teacher, Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Forgiveness Coach, Conscious Breathwork Facilitator and founder of The Other Side of Average