Martial & Healing Arts

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The Paradox of Unstable Stability in Human Action

Intermediate understanding
Some standing/ movement
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Balance body is the center of gravity being above the base of the support. However, this is not just a physical issue. Striving to remain balanced embody a mental state. The height of a body’s center of gravity, relative to the width of the base, determines the potency of balance. A low center of gravity on a wide base is stable stability; a higher center of gravity on a narrow base is unstable stability. The well known judo technique Tomoe Nage shows how sacrificing one’s balance is a sophisticated strategy for controlling a situation and emerging victorious. The ability to fall completes and complements Unstable Stability. We'll look at theoretical aspects of Unstable Stability and experience how to control balance through movement.
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Martial & Healing Arts

This session is free to watch
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Moti Nativ

Feldenfrais Practitioner & Martial Artist. Isreal