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The Dance of the Earth Changes

geek warning, requires advanced understanding
Movement not required
Potentially triggering
Mark Pogačnik would like to tell about his experiences while working with the body and consciousness of the Earth and its astonishing dance of transformation that he has noticed at the threshold of the third millennium. Supporting the healing processes of different cities and landscapes of the Earth since four decades he came in close contact with Gaia, the creator of the Earthly universe. This is how he got to know the whole picture of the Earth Changes of which the so-called “climate changes” are only their shadow aspect. What can be seen from outside as natural catastrophes is the sign that the old time and space structure is shrinking and disappearing while on the other side Gaia creates a new multidimensional Earth body based to a high degree upon the elements of Air and Water while the impute of the Earth element is decreasing. Step by step we enter a body of the Earth that has not only a different quality but also open portals to approach the parallel worlds and their beings that nowadays seem invisible to us, like the elemental ones. What are the challenges of this epochal transition, how to move within our bodies in a new way? What are the tools to be used in the emerging creative processes? As an answer some exercises will be taught. During the talk several sequences will be shown of the author’s work in Earth acupuncture (lithopuncture) and his Gaia Touch Body Exercises.
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Guided Practices

  • Gaia Touch Exercise ‘Barriers’


  • Turn Upside Down


  • Head Heart


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Ecology & Research

This session is free to watch
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Marko Pogačnik

He has developed a method of Earth healing called “lithopuncture” with stones standing on specific points and complemented with carved cosmograms.