Trauma & Social Change

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Navigating Conflict Skillfully: A Path to Embodied Peacemaking

Beginning or no understanding of topic, Open to all
Movement not required
Potentially triggering
Everybody wants to be better a dealing with conflict - if we’re really honest with ourselves - it’s something that challenges us every day. What we do in our bodies, how we honor our emotions and what we say are all central to navigating it skillfully. Join Conflict Resolution expert and Leadership Coach, Stephen Kotev, for an interactive and practical exploration of how embodiment can help us navigate conflict skillfully. Stephen will share what he has learned from his over two decades of study, with master embodiment teacher, Dr. Paul Linden as he became Dr. Linden’s senior student in Embodied Peacemaking. You will leave with simple and effective ways of integrating embodiment practices into your everyday life so you can enjoy it more fully and become conflict competent.
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Trauma & Social Change

This session is free to watch
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Stephen Kotev

Veteran Conflict Resolver, Leadership Coach and Somatic Educator sought after for his insight and innovative ways of tackling difficult disputes. Washington DC/USA