Trauma & Social Change

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Great together: trauma healing for social change

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Bodynamic tools for war veterans and their families
How do we work in a way that we also can create a possibility to change society? When the war started in Ukraine and I saw how many man and women got traumatized, after the demonstration in Maidan. Later, when Russia annexed Crimea, and the fight in the eastern Ukraine. At that time I was working in Ukraine. I realized that this country had no tools to deal with traumatized people, and I also realized that they were fighting for democracy without way to implement it. Coming from a country with very old roots in democracy and after working on working in many so-called hot spots: I got the idea of creating a trauma work for veterans and their families, I did it using variety of Bodynamic tools, towards post traumatic growth. I got young Ukrainian people to join me in creating this project for themselves. We work with post traumatic growth. So it is not just dealing with PTSD – it is creating new tools, new ways learning new strategies for the people in the programme. I am very proud that this group of people have grown, they have expanded and they are working with the Bodynamic principles, in 3 veteran hubs across Ukraine. This programme has impacted thousands of men and women and it is growing daily and changing the views of new generation on being in their country. The name of this organization is Probartymy and Veteran hub. Alone we can be good – together we can be great.
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Trauma & Social Change

This session is free to watch
Presented by

Ditte Marcher

Bodynamic analyst, therapist and teacher, human rights activist, developer of the Bodynamic veteran shock and trauma program, chairwoman of Bodynamic Somatic Psychology