Trauma & Social Change

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Becoming What You Need: Somatic Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication

Beginning or no understanding of topic, Open to all
Movement not required
Potentially triggering
Embodied tools for empatic listening and finding your voice in relationships
"David trains Nonviolent Communication as a whole body/mind lifelong practice and art. His unique somatic approach is deeply moving, attuning us to the signals of our bodies where we come face to face with the history we’ve embodied, our deeper selves, our greatest gifts, and the motivation to heal past trauma and develop new, more skillful, inclusive responses to life's challenges. Living more fully in the body increases the capacity to relate compassionately, align what we say with our deeper intentions, manage mood and emotion, and take skillful, decisive action. These skills are essential for any of us who want to deepen the quality of our relationships, generate community, cultivate reverence for the sacred, and effect positive change — whether it’s personal, social, environmental, or political. § Develop your empathic listening faculties § Cultivate a centered presence in stressful times; § Make decisions and take actions that align with your values; § Nurture intimate connections and cultivate community. Who is this session for: This session is for individuals interested in connecting to the wisdom of their bodies, listening more empathically and finding their voice within relationships. It is for individuals looking to enhance their own learning, as well as for teachers, coaches and therapists who want to share new effective practices for cultivating “Community” at home, in schools, at our workplaces and in the greater community. "
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Guided Practices

  • S.U.R.F. (Shape Unified Resource Field) Practice


  • Importance of Listening to Body’s Contraction as Much as Openness


  • How to Include People Triggering You Inside of Your “Inclusion Bubble”


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Trauma & Social Change

This session is free to watch
Presented by

David Weinstock

Founder of Somatic Consensus, international Nonviolent Communication trainer and Aikido instructor.