Martial & Healing Arts

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Kickboxing for Trauma Survivors

Intermediate understanding
Space and loose clothed required
Potentially triggering
Traditional kickboxing can trigger trauma survivors and push them outside their window of tolerance. In this session I will teach you the key differences between traditional and trauma-informed kickboxing. After a brief theory lesson you will be invited to express your inner fighter and experience a trauma-informed kickboxing class. You're going to feel the power of the 'push kick', let off some steam and practice mindful grounding techniques. For the first time ever I will invite members of the embodiment conference to join my 8 week program without a psychologist referral. Participants will have the opportunity to meet me for a free 1 on 1 session to determine what their next steps need to be in order to start learning kickboxing.
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Guided Practices

  • Practice - Kickboxing Stance


  • Centering


  • Kicks


  • 10 Second Intensity Drill


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Martial & Healing Arts

This session is free to watch
Presented by

Georgia Verry

Martial Artist, Exercise Scientist, & Podcaster. Australia