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Principles of Presence-Based®Coaching: Cultivating Presence to Leverage Change

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How do we support relevancy and immediacy in a coaching conversation? How do we adapt our coaching moves for the complex contexts our clients are navigating? How can we be more effective in accessing the whole of our client, including the body? What part does Presence play in coaching and coaching results? Join Bebe Hansen for an enlightening session using the principles of Presence-Based®Coaching to support you as a coach to make developmental moves with your clients. These tools support increased awareness, nimbleness, and capacity to work in complexity for both you and the clients you serve. This session will include some teaching on Presence-Based®Coaching moves as we explore working with the intersection of the Body (soma) and Being. We are all familiar with the “doing” of offering coaching tools and models that support our clients to move towards the results they want. How does our Being support Presence? How does our Being impact our effectiveness as coaches? And how does the Body impact the coaching process?
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Guided Practices

  • Centering Embodiment Presence


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Coaching & Therapy

This session is free to watch
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Beatrice (Bebe) Hansen

Principal of Presence-Based® Coaching, coach trainer and leadership coach, yoga and meditation practitioner