Dance & Creativity

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Dance: Ancient Medicine of the Body Politic

Beginning or no understanding of topic, Open to all
Some standing/ movement
Likely neutral
The Dance of Life is an ancient conduit of consciousness. It aligns humans to the Earth and catalyzes the Guidance we seek for decision-making, visionary solutions, and collective stability. Cynthia, co-founder of InterPlay, brings her expertise to help participants: 1) playfully unlock the birthrights of dance, song, stories, and stillness, 2) explore the dancing that restores health and soul to individual and communal bodies, 3) share their body wisdom, and 4) restore this sacred and ancient medicine to community life.
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Guided Practices

  • Warm up


  • One Hand Dance


  • One Breath Songs


  • Three Breath Song


  • Play Through a Word


  • Dance on Behalf of


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Dance & Creativity

This session is free to watch
Presented by

Cynthia Winton-Henry

Co-founder of InterPlay; author; mentor