Dance & Creativity

This session is free to watch

PANEL: Embodied Poetry Panel

Beginning or no understanding of topic, Open to all
Movement not required
Likely soothing
Please join us for this heartening, lively conversation in which five poets from around the globe will weave diverse perspectives on creative process, share their poetry live, and invite you into your innate inspiration and poetic powers of perception. Poetry can be medicine for sickness in our psyches and it can also be a wake up call when our eyes glaze over and we forget to be curious. Poetry invites or demands a quality of attention from our perceiving of the world, which, when engaged, can start to notice raw beauty everywhere we look. This way of seeing can reveal meaning in our lives, and in this way, poetry can save us. It lets us celebrate and grieve our aching world, instead of trying to figure it all out. Poetry reaches an arm into the unknown and brings back evidence that our finite lives are happening inside of infinity. On that dizzying perspective, poetry gets us drunk, drunk enough to tell more of the truth. And when we tell the truth it rings like a bell, it buzzes in our cells, and maybe we can feel more alive and less afraid. Come listen, write, play and reorient to see with fresh eyes and speak from the depths of your body and being.
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Guided Practices

  • Mind-Body Breathing


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Dance & Creativity

This session is free to watch
Presented by

Dr. Bayo Akomolafe

Chief Curator and Executive Director of The Emergence Network. Author, lecturer, speaker, and father

Brooke McNamara

Poet, Performer, Teacher, and ordained Zen Monk

Alfred K. LaMotte

Interfaith college chaplain, instructor in World Religions, author of three volumes of poetry

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Co-founder of Secret Agents of Change, Co-director of Telluride’s Talking Gourds Poetry Club