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Enlightenment Transmission and the Interpersonal Space of Psychosomatic Release

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Presenting over 20 years of Enlightenment Transmission research into healing mistaken identification, psychosomatic tension release and the recovery of natural joy. During this live interactive presentation, you will be enlightened, entertained and seduced into collaborating with Life. We need a healther humanity now. For over 20 years, I have been (obsessively) trying to explain miracles delivered by an intelligent healing energy, the Enlightenment Transmission. The exploration goes deep into understanding human dysfunction, the Babel Effect (my own term), the formation of false fragmented personas through psychosomatic conditioning, child birth and bonding, sex and relationships, the role of verbal and non-verbal language, disassociated versus true internal sensations, body rhythms and almost imperceptible subtle unconscious interactions. Fortunately, you don’t need to study the dysfunctional stuff to partake in the benefits. Enlightenment Transmission naturally exists in healthy interpersonal interactions as a form of healing energy that corrects patterns, blockages and splits that are tightly wound into the nervous system, connective tissue and mind. Arrive early. Set up your hammock. Be sure to comfortably relax undistracted. Snooze through my talk and I guarantee that you will awaken with greater awareness, energy and sense of life purpose. You mustn’t miss your awakening! And it’s all free! What I Do and What Will Happen to You Connecting deeply, unimaginably amazing things happen. Deep revelations, personal and impersonal realisations, and psychedelic-type experiences without effort, techniques, beliefs or drugs. The Aim Full access to your primordial pristine pre-identity original nature, which was fragmented in the womb by adverse epigenetics and later by social conditioning. Together healing humanity by bringing forth our best qualities. Averting massive human catastrophe. How to Best Prepare: Before and after Before Meeting: Optimally, prepare by familiarising yourself with my humorous no-holds-barred down-to-earth content by viewing short excerpts of live teaching on my Enlightenment Transmission YouTube channel: Be sure to be well hydrated and rested. Prearrange a distraction-free environment so that you can comfortably lay down or move. Where possible, move away from (better yet, disable) radiating devices. Be near or in nature. After Meeting: Quality quiet time (electronics-free). Deep nurturing: swimming outside, walking in the wind, showering, cooking or resting. Newcomers: Contact Me Now for Preparation Advice I welcome connection before and after the event. You will feel something. I read and reply to all correspondence. Introduce yourself via my contact-form: To get preparation advice and updates about this event, register at and book the event:
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Martial & Healing Arts

This session is free to watch
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