Vineet Chander

Hindu Chaplain and director of the Hindu Life Program at Princeton University

Vineet Chander was born and raised in New York City and discovered the practice of Bhakti Yoga, or the path of devotion and grace, in his youth. A student of His Holiness Radhanath Swami for more than two decades, he is a sought-after speaker and teacher in his own right— particularly known for his ability to infuse ancient wisdom with humor, relevant examples, and avenues for application. He has spoken at a number of conferences and educational institutions, including the American Academy of Religion, the Global Dharma Conference, the Global Chaplains Conference, the Smithsonian Institute's Freer Sackler Gallery of Art, Yale University, Cornell University, and the Harvard Divinity School at Harvard University. In addition, he has offered wisdom teachings in a number of temples, ashrams, and yoga studios, including the philosophy portions of YTT courses at Prana Yoga Shala (Princeton, NJ), Gratitude Yoga (Princeton, NJ) and Onyx Yoga (Warren, NJ). He is a regular speaker at, and past board member of, the Bhakti Center (New York City). In his professional life, Vineet directs the Hindu Life Program at Princeton University and serves as the Hindu Chaplain on campus. He also helped to found and coordinates the university's Yoga and Meditation Fellowship program, in which he directed two cohorts of fifteen Princeton University students in an immersive learning experience in India. He is the author of two academic volumes -- Hindu Chaplaincy (Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, 2017) and Hindu Approaches to Spiritual Care (Jessica Kingsley Publishing, 2019) -- and numerous academic and popular articles, including pieces for, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and the Discovery Channel. Vineet is currently pursuing a doctorate in higher education at New York University where he has been appointed the Vera and Sam S. Jain Fellow in Vedantic Studies. He lives with his wife and daughter in Princeton, New Jersey.

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