Tord Helsingeng
What concerns me most in this world is that people can live life to the fullest and use their resources in the best possible way. That's why I trained as a bodyworker with focus on shiatsu and acupuncture at the time in 2002 to help people with stress and chronic pain. But I did not understand why some patients got better and some did not. So I furthered my education in the following years in Stockholm, Oslo, New York, São Paulo, London and Vienna to better understand the connection between body, mind and heart. During this time I learned a lot about meditation, and eventually I came to know Shinzen Young and his Unified Mindfulness system. This system is well known to be particularly suitable for helping chronic pain patients. It is also famous for its scientific approach, its elegant teaching method and how it can be easily adapted to individual needs. As the first in Norway, I started teaching this system in 2008. I have taught mindfulness at the Norwegian Sports Academy for physical education teachers, students and teachers in primary school, in corporations, to my patients, in retreats, and many other arenas. Because ethics is important to me, I have always looked for ways to improve my practice. If research has shown that my understanding has been limited, I have continued with a fresh look on things and searched for new knowledge to deepen my practice. My ethical view is to be scientific and also be grounded in friendliness, warmth and common humanity.

Recorded Sessions