Richard E. Sims

Somatic & Mindfulness Educator, Instructor in the Art of Aikido (a non-violent martial art) and a Somatic Specialis
Richard E. Sims, RSME, RSMT, CTP, is a Somatic & Mindfulness Educator, Instructor in the Art of Aikido (a non-violent martial art) and a Somatic Specialist in the areas of stress, fear, anxiety, trauma, depression, resilience and empowerment. He uses his skills while teaching adults, children and teens empowering embodied approaches and tools to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. His approach combines the connection between our minds, bodies, emotions and distress responses with methods that include Being In Movement® mindbody education, Body Awareness, Breathing, Meditation, Embodiment, Somatic Education, Trauma Informed Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and the principles of the Art of Aikido. He has a private practice and teaches online and in person from home and abroad. Rich also works with organizations, schools, non-profits, first responders and companies working with their clients, volunteers and employees with the challenges that affect their relationships and performance personally, professionally and academically. Some of these organizations include MenHealing where he serves as a facilitator, providing support for male survivors of sexual trauma encountered as a child or adult as well as the Cancer Wellness Center where he helps patients, caregivers and their families through their cancer journeys. One of the main drivers of his professional practice was driven by decades of personal family health crisis including: Sexual abuse of a loved one, an emergency heart procedure for himself, his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis, his son’s leukemia diagnosis as well as the struggles with PTSD ( I ) encountered by his youngest son in dealing with this crazed family path. These very personal experiences shaped his practice and the ways he works with the people he teaches to empower themselves during their healing journey. They’ve also given him a unique level of understanding as not only a patient but also as a loving father, husband and caregiver that has opened many doors of understanding to the people he works with professionally. Rich is currently a board and professional member (RSME/T) for ISMETA (The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association) and has previous board experience with the Amate House, a non-profit that makes it possible for young adults to dedicate a year of their lives to serve under-resourced, low income communities in Social Justice and Leadership roles. He is also trained as a Certified Trauma Professional (CTP). He also worked with Urban Gateways ghostwriting for other instructors and served as a resident artist in inner-city Chicago schools helping kids navigate their educational experience while living with gang violence, drugs, poverty and abuse. While not working Rich is usually off trying some new adventure and spending time with his wife and two sons. Both of the boys are teenagers, which is truly the greatest adventure!

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