Lara Kolesar
Lara Kolesar brings 27 years of coaching and facilitation in the field of health and wellness through bodywork and other embodiment practices. She founded one of the largest Pilates studios in the Boulder, Colorado area where she developed and taught the Kolesar Body Knowledge Method to other pilates instructors wanting to deepen their practice. She also applied her knowledge in the self development field (Heart IQ™ and Veteran’s Retreats) leading embodiment practices to people looking to awaken their unexpressed gifts as a human being. As she worked to support efficiency in body mechanics through retraining and repatterining the body she discovered the necessity to create direct methods of communication to the body's feeling intelligence. Combining her passion and sensory intuition, Lara continues to develop emerging ways of supporting her audience with the mind body connection and translates this intelligence into digestible practices.

Recorded Sessions