Dr. Florian Besch

Business & Life Coach, Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher, & Martial Artist. Germany

Dr. Florian Besch is business & life coach, facilitator and mindfulness teacher. He is co-founder and managing partner at nevo – Training, Coaching, Entwicklung GbR (www.nevoteam.de) based in Göttingen, Germany. His main fields of work are personality development, conflict resolution, transparent communication (acc. to T. Hübl), stress prevention and mindfulness, all with an embodied and holistic approach, happy to work in and with nature in outdoor-settings. Florian merges scientific knowledge with experiential learning in the fields of health & healing, martial arts, and medical anthropology. Until 2017 he was a researcher and lecturer at the University of Heidelberg and the Charité Berlin working on alternative medicine in Germany, Tibetan medicine in the Indian Himalayas and martial arts as a healing art. Florian gained his PhD in medical anthropology at the University of Heidelberg in 2006. He is a martial artist practicing since 28 years in different styles (Qi Gong, Tongbei Chuan, Tai Chi Duilian, formerly also Shorinji-Ryu-Karate-Do). Since 30 years Florian is practicing meditation in different traditions (Christian, Zen, Korean and Tibetan Buddhist, and with Thomas Hübl).

Recorded Sessions