Ashira Prem Rachana
We all carry within us habits, thoughts, and ideas that have been planted in us from our ancestors, culture, and the people close to us. When we were children, we were like empty vessels, observing our environment, learning, right and wrong. Our emotional intelligence and behaviors were shaped by the situations and environments we grow up in. Our reactions to situations that happen to us and around us, and the triggers that provoke us. Hello. My name is Ashira Prem Rachana. I am a meditation and yoga trainer and healer. I am the founder of Catharsis holistic healing for former Palestinian child prisoners. I focus on healing trauma derived from social and political circumstances. I grew up in Palestine where I worked as a journalist and researcher for Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. My personal journey of healing from a physical injury that paralyzed me from the neck down sent me on a self healing journey, where I gained mastery of my body through various healing methods. I mainly combine Kundalini Tantra techniques with active meditation to focus on releasing physical and emotional trauma for adults and children. I do this by liberating people's Kundalini energy and opening the channels of the body using dance, yoga, and breath work.

Recorded Sessions