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What Embodiment Means to Me

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How the embodied wisdom of non-Western cultures has helped liberate me into my body.”

About this session

In this wide-ranging presentation, Philip discusses his personal journey back to his body, and the priceless gifts from cultures other than his own that made it possible – radically different ways of experiencing the body and of feeling the world through it. When your culture treats the head as the presumed leader of the self, you cannot move into your body without stepping out of your culture’s assumptions. Join Philip as he shares lessons he has learned from a rich diversity of cultures – lessons that can crack open the body’s many doorways to the shimmering present – and finally shares the understanding of embodiment to which his decades of study have led.
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This session is free to watch
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Philip Shepherd

Founder of The Embodied Present Process (TEPP) and author of Radical Wholeness and New Self, New World.