Ecology & Research

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Topic: The Reciprocal Frame - Timeless wisdom embodied in structural form

Beginning or no understanding of topic, Open to all
Movement not required
Likely neutral
Exploring the Journey of no Distance - awakening to formless absence in form.
How can 9 small sticks, set upon each other in a never-ending array, have powerful resonance with the life we know and that which is hidden from view?. They reveal the nature of the separated sense of self which drives the endless activity in mind. They invite surrender of the form we think we are into the eternal arising of that which is, and permeates, all form, and is that by which all thought and experience is known. In this presentation Graham will build a small 9 beam Reciprocal Frame to give a 3D vision of the development of EGO and reveal how that separated sense of self endlessly attempts to confirm its existence through the dualistic activity of mind. When that is understood the "Journey of no Distance" to awakeness in our formless self is illuminated and accessible.
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Ecology & Research

This session is free to watch
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Graham Brown

Graham Brown - Founder of the Peacebuildings project. Architectural designer, craftsman, father, musician, poet. Inner journeyman and guide.