Sonia Gomes

Doctor of clinical psychology, advanced rolfing practitioner, movement teacher
SONIA GOMES, from Brazil, is an International SE ™ Faculty from SETI – SOMATIC EXPERIENCING®TRAUMA HEALING for 20 years. Now only teaches the Advanced and Post-Advanced Level in SE ™ and her own program in Europa, Latin America, USA, Asia and South Africa. Sonia Gomes is creator of SOMA- Embodiment – Hapticity & Movement for Emotional Regulation in Trauma Therapy. This program is a result of her journey with her masters as Dr. Stephen Porges, Hubert Godard, Dr. Ida Rolf, Dr. Peter A. Levine, James Gibson also Donald Winnicott, André Bullinger are in the core of her work for trauma healing. She is psychologist for more than 40 years and has developed several workshops in Resonance, Intuition and Attachment. She is PhD in Clinical Psychology, thesis titled “Engaging Touch & Movement in SE – Trauma Resolution.” She is Structural & Movement Rolfing Practitioner, Educational Director of SE in Brazil. Board member of EFAC - European Faculty Accreditation; Board Member of INTERFac International Faculty Accreditation for the rest of the world. Instagram:soniags_soma

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