Brendan Lea

Martial Artist. USA
Brendan Lea first met Peter Ralston, the founder of Cheng Hsin, when he was seventeen at a three day workshop in Rochester, NY. Within days of meeting him, Brendan committed himself to a life of study and moved to Texas to be at the Cheng Hsin Center. Since that time Brendan has been in attendance at every apprentice program that has been offered there. An apprentice program consists of seven and a half months of training six days a week, eight hours a day minimum, with five hours on Sundays. Brendan has participated in many of these programs including Peter’s most powerful program yet, the “Consciousness Apprentice Program” where he had an enlightenment experience and gained direct insight into his own true nature. Brendan’s commitment to study and training has created a great awareness and understanding of the dynamics of mind and body as they apply to effective interaction. Through years of intense contemplation he has also developed a deep understanding of his own condition. This allows him to powerfully facilitate others in having the breakthroughs and insights necessary to expand their own consciousness and create new skills. Currently he is the only active Degree Five (Black Belt) in the world and teaches martial arts workshops internationally. He also facilitates Peter Ralston's consciousness workshops at the Center during Spring and Fall retreats.

Recorded Sessions