Dr. Nadja Benschop

MD and International Teacher in Transformational Breath. Netherlands

Nadja is an MD and a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Medicine. She works as a freelance Pharmaceutical Doctor in the development of new drugs. She has over 15 years of hands-on experience in the development of cancer medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. Before that, she worked in ophthalmology. She is also an international senior trainer in Transformational Breath® and trainer of new breath facilitators in The Netherlands and abroad as well as a heart coherence practitioner and a certified laughter yoga teacher. After having encountered Transformational Breath® in 2005, her life changed so significantly for the better, that she felt a strong passion to share this technique with others. Her experience with clients are deeply fulfilling, making her work with the breath her joy in life. She combines her breath work with energetic healing and -reading and laughter yoga at her private practice in Bilthoven in The Netherlands where she works intensively with cancer patients and their partners. She trains new breath facilitators and leads workshops and retreats around the world. She has taught in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, the US, the UK, Kuweit, India and Bali. Being a polyglot (fluent in Dutch and English and speaks French, German and Spanish) traveling is easy, having started with an 18 months world trip in 2006. After that, travel has become a passion for both work and free time. Currently, Nadja has more than 15 years of personal experience with Transformational Breath and has worked with a few thousand breathers in different countries across the globe in over 13 years. Her key interest is with cancer patients and she expresses a keen interest in following the scientific research on the relationship between breathing and cancer development. Everything she does and says about this subject is backed by solid clinical research. She has been training breath facilitators about this subject in online and live Masterclasses in the past 3 years. She has been invited to present her class both live and online in the UK, Italy and was invited to present at the Global Inspiration Conference of 2019 in the United States. Apart from her hands-on work, Nadja has also developed an online course PowerThinking, where she teaches people how to harness and use the creative forces we all possess in a productive fashion to create abundance in any shape or form. It is Nadja’s dream to close the gap between regular and alternative medicine. She believes that taking the best from both worlds would create a very powerful combination in the healing of humanity. She is committed to create a better world by simply BEING all that she is: enjoying life to the fullest. Find out more about Nadja on www.altractive.nl and click on the English flag.

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