Leanora Bauarschi

Living life as my soul, I am not encumbered by division, agenda, futures, past... I live in the present moment... this is where the power is... here right now. Living this way, is about integrating the past (healing trauma), and becoming a force of love embodied. The task unfolds us into being a coherent, authentic, unique and true Self. It takes immense courage to meet the fears created by attachment to a separate sense of self, as a result of our traumatic past. However, it is only through the magic and mystery of aligning with soul, and embodying the truth, that we may come to heal our core wound of abandonment; at the causal layer. I am guided by the moment, however, also share a dynamic MAP developed from traversing the field of awareness in infinite ways. The mystery itself as my guide. The gift of life, is to share and give to others. It is my gift that I can share this Mystery with you, and help you navigate a sometimes challenging terrain, potentially saving years of blind alleyways, boulders and unnoticed obstacles... the mind is a tricky device... a dangerous master, yet a willing slave when we engage with the heart.

Recorded Sessions