Lars Mygind

Lars Mygind – speaker – teacher – psychotherapist – META-Health master trainer – TFT/EFT master – BreathWorker – co-writer of 4 books.
Lars is passionate about spreading hope in the world. Primarily by teaching people “The Secret of Symptoms” also known as META-Health or Metamedicine. He teaches effective techniques to heal UDIN’s and how to conquer fears and phobias. If you have physical ailments or serious diseases – often when the emotional stuff is cleared the body heals itself. Lars have made more than 40 lectures a year since 2003 about Tapping, Laughter and META-Health. Lars is fun and outgoing and full of surprises. Lars have had more than 5.000 individual clients since 2000, and trained more than 2000 therapists since 2004. Together with his wife Hanne Heilesen he has the training company Heilesen & Mygind. Together Hanne and Lars are passionate about teaching people the best healing techniques from around the world.

Recorded Sessions