Jane Clapp

Mindful strength and movement coach, trauma-informed embodied resilience educator, recognised speaker and media consultant

Jane Clapp is a mindful strength and movement coach, trauma-informed embodied resilience educator, and Jungian analyst in training. As an expert educator and mentor, internationally recognized speaker, author, and media consultant, Jane takes an interdisciplinary approach that goes beyond mindfulness, to enmesh each client’s physical condition with the psychological and emotional aspects of their selves. After more than two decades in the health industry—and through extensive personal and professional exploration—Jane has shaped a multifaceted practice that weaves together a variety of movement and therapeutic paradigms into a fluid yet practical and effective methodology. Riffing off of a biopsychosocial model, Jane considers the body and movement as some of the most powerful alchemic tools for shaping the mind and believes that, with enough support and resourcing, each of us has the power to free ourselves from the shackles of past struggles, traumas and health issues that limit both our recovery process and our potential to lead happy and bountiful lives. With training in a wide range of wellness modalities—including mindfulness-based stress reduction, master-level Reiki training, ELDOA Method, Tensegrity Touch Therapy, yoga, pre- and post-natal fitness and personal training, as well as Torture, Trauma Psychosocial Impact & Mental Health from the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture—Jane works to create safe spaces for people to show up, be seen and share their authentic, courageous selves in all their messy glory and complexity. Whether in person at her private studio in Toronto, Canada, in private Skype sessions, in one of the many webinars or workshops she hosts for clients around the world, or in her daily social media posts, Jane offers coaching, education and mentorship based in tried-and-true methodologies that are, at the same time, attuned to each person’s level of physical and emotional capabilities. Her goal: To help people cultivate a deeply felt sense of resilience and empowerment, so they can gain more freedom and joy in their lives.

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