Dawn Strom

Philosopher of Movement and Embodiment Coach for Transformational Leaders that want to create a movement

I partner with my clients to create personalized embodiment practices that help them navigate stress and transition, tend to their body and well being, attune to their purpose, and create meaningful movement in their lives and a transformational movement through their business. I have a diverse background as a Philosopher, Dancer, Writer, Somatic Movement Therapist, GYROTONIC® Master Trainer, Embodiment Nerd, Coach, and Mother! My eighteen years of experience in business combined with my personal journey of embodiment as a path to heal from trauma and create a meaningful life informs my work and shapes the space I hold for others. I love helping my clients to tap into their innate wisdom, get to the roots of their stuck points, and create the internal and external shifts that create a new movement in their lives and businesses. Movement has always been an anchor for me and the opportunity to tune into the movement of my body has supported my resilience through countless challenging life experiences, given me a direct line to my deepest wisdom, and led me back to myself time and time again. Embodiment is our birthright and an opportunity to create meaning through our shared humanity. Getting “into your body” or “being in your body” through movement is a gift that I love to help others claim in their lives, share through their business and embody as an approach to creating a meaningful life.

Recorded Sessions