Benyamin (Ben) Tanny

Tai Chi Instructor, Martial Artist, founder of Tan Tai Chi. Australia
Ben began his martial arts training in Canada in Bujinkan Ninjutsu and Wing Chun Kung Fun. At nineteen years old he traveled to Thailand to train in Thai boxing. One early morning outside a temple, he discovered a group of people playing Tai Chi. Since then, he has traveled to over seventy-five countries and seven continents where he has danced Tai Chi: in the snow, on top of mountains, on beaches and in jungles. Ben is the founder of Tan Style Tai Chi a system designed for the modern practitioner who wants a meaningful, interesting, and healthy movement practice. Tan Style Tai Chi recognizes that you the practitioner as an individual along with your lifestyle, and the society around you is constantly evolving. With this your Tai Chi must also evolve to maximize your physical, mental and spiritual growth. Having also studied, yoga, dance, personal training, nutrition and life coaching, Ben’s passion is helping people achieve optimal health and well being.

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