Barbara Droubay

Creative, Bodyworker, Tantric and Shamanic practitioner.
Barbara Droubay teaches and works with creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs towards reaching their creative aims effectively and with greater pleasure. She is an inspired lecturer and a leader of group training in Creative Confidence. Her courses and workshops teach a unique approach of recognizing creativity as a physical experience in the body – which when developed – activates and engages our inborn creative drive. She has a 20+ year love affair with the body – covering differing somatic methodologies – from Cranial Osteopathy, Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapies, Tantric and Shamanic practices, to the past 10 years as a Grinberg Method practitioner and trainer. Her parallel passion and life focus has always been Creativity – expressing itself for many years as a Fine Arts painter and conceptual artist focused on perception. Living in New York City she managed and curated what is now one of the top jazz clubs in the city, and began in this time to recognize her innate capacity to organize and manage systems. In 2000 she moved to Berlin, Germany where she owned a highly successful somatic coaching center. It is here that she began the process of integrating the body of somatic work with the body of creative experience – developing a highly effective synergy of two intimately related systems of being – claiming that creativity is an innate physical experience. A deeply Human experiene – which when tapped into through the body – allows us to reach states of heightened awareness and flow. In 2015 she founded Life Artists – dedicated to the teaching of somatic practices for Creative Consciousness with the intent to share the pleasure and power of using our physicality to embody and manifest our full creative potential.

Recorded Sessions