Amir Khalighi

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.
Born in Iran, Tehran and raised by a single mother, his perspective of life during his early years was through the prism of the feminine with no mature masculine figure to learn from or lean on until his early 20s. His natural inclination for separation from that dynamic was a destructive one from the age of 19 to 22. At 23, he found his first men’s group where elders exemplified what it meant to be a mature masculine in the world. His trek to self discovery started during his college years with study in the fields of existential philosophy and comparative religious studies. His work with men started at the age of 23. Through his 20s and 30s, he worked with hundreds of men centered around addictive behaviors and also through the discipline of martial arts. Subsequently, his work has matured and now encompasses Jungian archetypal, somatic and embodiment methodology. His passion in the field of men’s work has been most influenced by mythopoetic men’s work, Sufi mysticism, yogic intimacy, martial arts, Celtic mythology, Celtic shamanism, Hermetic Qabalah and Jungian archetypal psychology. He has dedicated his life and purpose to connecting men to the Great Mother (his expression of G-d, Nature, the Unified Field or whatever you chose to call that power) and empowering these men to live purpose-driven lives...helping them embody their natural, God-given masculine energies in a new paradigm and in relation to the Feminine. Most of the men that make their way to Amir did not have a positive masculine role model that they could rely on growing with wounds of the absent father. “We teach what we’ve overcome”. His body of work spans over 25 years in the realm of men's private coaching. With the founding of in 2018, he has expanded his message, platform and approach into workshops, group coaching, initiation intensive programs and as a guest speaker & facilitator for various men’s groups.

Recorded Sessions