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Embodied Rewilding

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Intermediate understanding
Movement not required
Potentially triggering
Dismantling systems of domestication and embracing the wildness within us.

About this session

The majority of contemporary health problems have been traced in one way or another to the process of domestication: the forceful breaking the will. The separation of humans and "nature." This disembodiment of our human animal experience has caused untold trauma to our hearts, minds, and bodies. To begin a path toward reclaiming our wildness we must understand when, where, and why domestication took hold, and what its effect are today. In this talk, we'll go on a journey through the science behind human evolution, the history of the rise of agriculture and civilizations, how ecosystems function and what role humans served in the embodied wholeness of ecology prior to the neolithic revolution, so that we can glean an understanding how to live in a way that is more aligned with our adapted biology.
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Ecology & Research

This session is free to watch
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Peter Michael Bauer

Rewilding author, teacher, & catalyst.

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