Magdalena Weinstein

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (in training), crisis counselor, Yoga Tune Up teacher, Brain-Based educator
Magdalena is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (Intermediate Level in Training), a Crisis Counselor, a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, and a Brain-Based Educator located in the Norhern California Coast. Blending the fields of Somatics, Neurology and Trauma Resolution, she is committed to understanding and transforming trauma and helping people transition towards new possibilities of deep embodiment, freedom, empowerment, and ultimately at home in themselves, and the world. Magdalena works as a Couselor with Project Sanctuary, a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Center, where she has created and currently teaches an 8-week series called "Empowerment Through the Body" for crisis survivors, that launched in 2018. With 2 decades of background in Yoga and Meditation, 10 years of training and practice in Hipnosis and NLP, and extensive experience (group and one on one) in Nervous System Regulation, Trauma Interventions, Somatic Practices, Yoga Nidra, and Neuro-biomechanics, she utilizes a wide lens for the complex social, behavioral and physical problems of our times. Magdalena is also the creator and host of the Embodiment Time Podcast.

Recorded Sessions