Kesha Fikes

Somatic bodyworker and trauma therapist (SEP) who holds a doctorate in anthropology
Kesha Fikes (she/her) is a social justice-informed somatic bodyworker and trauma therapist (SEP) who holds a doctorate in anthropology. Her work attends to the ways that individual and collective traumatic experiences impact everyday lives and communities. Through attuned verbal connection, skilled touch and slow movement, Kesha facilitates resolution of somatic symptoms and patterns that express silenced, unvoiced, and unmet needs, as well as current life, intergenerational, and socio-historically unintegrated traumatic stresses, such as racial terror. Her practice is about capacity-building toward relational resilience with self, one's communities, and the world. Kesha previously taught as assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Chicago where she was a theoretician of racialized norms. She also taught as core faculty in the Somatic Studies specialization doctoral program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Kesha is the owner/founder of the Center for Sensorial Bodywork & Movement Therapy where she maintains a somatic therapy practice, in the Bay Area, California.

Recorded Sessions